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I love Netflix.  I am sure that there are people close to me that got very tired of my Netflix obsession.  A few months ago Netflix’s original shows, business model, debt, etc. were a dominant theme in my conversations.    I think that Netflix knocking off long time Emmy kingpin HBO this year (in number of Emmy nominations) somewhat vindicates my effusive Netflix praise.

But I have faced up to a surprising fact:  I watch more hours of YouTube than anything else.   Whether working at my desk, using the elliptical machine, or cleaning house – there is a good chance YouTube is streaming something to me.  I usually watch or listen to a few hours of  the JRE via YouTube each week, I watch multiple history shows, handyman videos, stream music – I could go on…  Suffice to say that if I am by myself and watching a screen, it’s a good bet it’s YouTube.

I did YouTube Red while it was free and have been sad ever since I gave it up.  YouTube TV came out right after T.G. got her Xfinity –   I just can’t justify another entertainment expense at this point.  Xfinity’s voice remote is awesome – you just hold the button and say “Cat Videos – YouTube” and it goes right to it. But I digress…


Here are some YouTube channels I am watching.  Give them a click:


Philip DeFranco

Admittedly, Mr. DeFranco is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, as it were.  If you can get past the beautiful bastards bullshit and actually listen to the show I think you’ll admit he does a good job running down what’s going on.  The schtick does wear thin but I’ve kept tuning in.



Crash Course is my go to watch while I am burning calories on the “Stride Trainer”.    The Crash Course World History is my favorite but I’ve watched the Lit, Stats, and World Myths series.    Shout out to Thought Cafe nee Thought Bubble – the animations on CC are inspiring.



The Nerdwriter

I may have written about Nerdwriter1 before.  I searched but I couldn’t find any posts, regardless it’s my favorite YouTube channel and has been for some time.  It is what has inspired my quest of becoming a motion graphics designer.   The releases are infrequent and the timing erratic, but the content is top notch.




The vlogbrothers is another NerdFighteria offering that keeps me entertained even when it’s just a “Dude’s face talking into the camera”  type video.  Technically it’s the founders of Complexly‘s original YouTube show.  These guys are more or less responsible for a ton of quality content.


Half as Interesting

Brought to you by Wendover Productions, Half as Interesting bills itself as: “A YouTube show about somewhat interesting stuff.”  At least  they ain’t about the hype.  With topics like: “Why Wifi is Illegal in Green Bank, West Virginia” I’m sure that you will agree is at least somewhat interesting.


Black Pigeon Speaks

Love or hate the politics, in the realm of one man video production projects Black Pigeon Speaks is the state of the art.   The consistent quality of each release on a schedule that seems impossible sets BPS apart from the other channels in this crowded niche.


So what are you watching on Youtube? What’s the best thing you’ve seen on Netflix?  Let me know in the comments below.


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