Where It’s At – The News That Is

Every morning my bots gather information about news from across the web.   I gather meta news if you will…

I do a number of different things with this data, but it all boils down to turning that raw meta data into information.   One of the first functions I wrote was:


Where It’s (The News) At

Aside from the merits of naming functions after Beck Songs (it’s my code and it amuses me), news location is a valuable metric.

This chart shows where the highest percentage of “news” took place this week.

I am working on a map version of this but I need more data before it is remotely usable.    I am collecting fresh data everyday, as well as adding news sources regularly so it won’t be too long until it make sense.

Breaking the news into different criteria is useful in a number of applications, not the least of which is for NLP for training artificial intelligence neural networks…

This Weeks News – in Jupiter Florida?

This week Ralph Northam can thank Robert Kraft for being shady AF and creating a new scandal.   As I predicted in the initial version of my People in the News post last week – Ralph didn’t have to wait too long for a new turpitude to drop.

It’s amazing that there is a much larger volume of outrage about some old white dude getting a tug at a massage parlor than there is over the abject craziness in Venezuela.  But there is today, no doubt.

I segment data from the news into criteria well beyond people, places, and things.  I am deep into the numbers that sports generate, so I collect all kinds of sports data.

What are you interested in?  In what industry do you do business in?  Would timely, proprietary, targeted information help you compete in that industry?  Lets Talk.

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