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The other day I was thinking about all of the ways people consume news. I was wondering what was the best source of news was out of all the news sites on the Internet. This has been of interest to me ever since I started the HEADLIN3S project a few years ago.

News sites haven’t really hanged that much over the years. With good reason – people like their news divided up into sections much like traditional news papers. I have tried to re-imagine what a news site could be.

Most online news sites (including HEADLIN3S) have a bunch of stories in a grid with a little picture, the headline, the details, and a read more. I thought – what if there was just like a big slider that cycled through the top stories every morning. Users could see what’s going on with as little investment of time and effort as possible.

So I built one:


news sites

It is basically Headline News without the annoying t.v anchorperson. Just load the site, sit back, and the news of the day with auto play for you.

I already had the data from the aforementioned HEADLIN3S app. I knew how the data was structured. So all I had to do was create the simple front end and get the data into it.

Vue, Vuetify and Google Firebase.

As I always do ( if its my choice ) I created it with Vue, Vuetify and Google Firebase. Google makes getting data from Firestore so easy that this entire app was only a only a couple hundred lines of code.

I create websites that I would enjoy visiting. This site is no different – it’s clean, loads fast, serves a function and contains no ads or trackers.

While HEADLIN3S is still my main news site, Wheres Zup is now my start page when my browser fires up so that I can see the headlines while I get my day started without having to click 🙂


    1. Hey Now – thanks for the kind words. You *should* be able to install it ( on a phone or computer ) as an app as it is a legit web app 🙂

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