Windows 10’s Controlled Folder Access Goes Live

We are encouraging all of our Microsoft Windows clients to use the new “Controlled Folder Access”.  This looks like something that Microsoft got right!

As you may have inferred from the name, this feature allows users to control who can access folders specified – and they have turned on the block everything  option from jump making it, imho, must useful for the average person’s security.

If you get around your PC fairly well, it’s easy to access:


  1. Windows Defender Security Center
  2. Virus & threat protection
  3. Virus & threat protection settings
  4. Toggle on Controlled folder access


That will get you to the setting for the CFA, you have to set up folders but it’s straight forward, and of course we are always happy to help.

Microsoft Support for CFA
Windows 10 Ransomware Protection
The Windows Club How-to

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