You Can Quote Me On That

So when I was collecting all this old stuff to post on this site how to group it, lay it out or whatever vexed me for some time. The actual posts from the original imjtk site were simple enough – just re-post with an approximate date, photos can go in a gallery, etc.

But what about just random wisdom from disparate sources? The first batch is going here.

Axle rose said: “Patience.” But he prolly wasn’t the first…

Who knew that there were all these songs in this $100 acoustic guitar I bought at the pawn shop?

“You did yoga this morning, designing a fashion site today, and eating sushi tonight. I don’t even know you anymore.”

One of my favorite sentences (in life) is this: “James, The design is beautiful – we love it.” It’s too bad that it is so often followed by “Can you make these changes….”

Shit happens, all you can do is decide how you wanna react to it.

The notes you don’t play are just as important as the ones you do.

Why do people say ATM machine? Isn’t the last initial there for machine?

When you hear the perfect song, at just the right moment – there is just not much better. In Life.

Worse line I have heard all decade – Dude – it doesn’t matter how good of shape you get into, you’re still over 40…

Every once in a while, if you are lucky, life gives you these small windows. These inestimable fleeting moments where you aren’t worried about your past transgressions and you’re not anxious about your future. When these moments emerge acknowledge them; squeeze every last drop out of them, ‘cauze sure as the sun will rise life will strip them away from you as fast as they were given to you.

I love the sound of the pure single-coil 60-cycle hum…

Just because it makes your life easier, doesn’t mean it makes your life better. 

Last night I was battling hordes of spider monkeys, real life and death stuff, blood and monkey fangs everywhere.

Wait, I might have dreamed that…

When they say ‘that’s life’, this is what they are talking about.

Adding the 3rd color is like adding the 4th chord.

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