YouTube Premium – The Best Streaming Value

First, if you don’t know me, I think that it’s only fair to say right up front that I love Google.  I realize that loving a soulless corporate entity is silly – but you have to remember what the Internet was like before Google.   We scrolled through lists of topical sites Yahoo had collected for us, or asked Infoseek to do a brutal full text search on their “Ultraseek Server software technology” and hoped for the best.

Google was the first internet search product that actually worked.   It helped us make sense of the Internet.

Google has also created many excellent tools since then that they offer in a paid and a “free in exchange for your data” versions.  This is a controversial subject however I have found Google to be very upfront about how and when they use your data and what they use it for.  Compare that to some other big Internet companies that shall remain nameless…

If you are too young to remember webmail before Gmail, consider yourself blessed.

I host my websites on the Google cloud, create static websites from google storage buckets, I use their email, calendaring,  and contacts both professionally and personally.  All my base are belong to Google.

One of the best and most influential products that Google has created is YouTube.

In addition to my once famous, now forgotten quote about Photoshop being the best Video Game, I have also been quoted as saying that “YouTube is my favorite streaming platform”.  Sorry Netflix…  I watch everything on Youtube from CrashCourse to Philip DeFranco to JRE.  I follow what is trending on Youtube and try and keep up with the biggest Youtubers even though I am old af.

Now, not everything is copacetic at YouTube.  The Vox apocolypse has me very concerned that YouTube will eventually become as boring as cable TV.  But now is now, and YouTube, warts and all, is an amazing product on a state of the art delivery ( and tracking ) platform.  Vox on the other hand is what you get when you think you can create something cool just by throwing money at it.  But I digress…

When YouTube Red came out I gave it a spin.  It was really good and I enjoyed it but I was broke; so I let it go when the free trial expired.  However I was bummed about it.   When I saw it re-branded as YouTube Premium and since I had a little money again ( since I got financially responsible and went back to doing web / dev… ) I decided to re-up.

The first nice surprise was when YouTube gave me the first month free again.  It had been years and a re-brand since my initial trial and I was ready to pay to play, but it was an unexpected bonus.  Initially my YouTube experience felt no different until yesterday when I was on the elliptical machine.  I realized I had not gotten off once to skip an ad!  I had totally gotten used to jumping of the elliptical, clicking, and jumping back on like that was normal…

Throughout the first day I bet I saved clicking skip 20 times.  20 clicks times 30 days and this subscription is starting to pay for itself.  My brother watched the YouTube original karate kid spin off Cobra Kai, so I’ll prolly check that out; but I don’t really use YouTube for watching original episodic video.  I certainly feels that is the direction management is pushing the platform.

Maybe that it just insanely profitable, but original content is not what makes YouTube better then the services that already do that better than YouTube…

The breadth and depth of YouTube is what separates it from other streaming services.  It’s also why I’ll pay for it AND Netflix.

I doubt that will continue to be the case if YouTube keeps trying to be something that it is not, and destroys what makes it special in the process.

What I was listening to as I wrote this

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